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All volunteers at the venue entrance are available to provide information relevant to our patrons with disabilities and assist with gaining access to the music venue.

Patrons with Mobility Limitations

  • The Village Green venue is outdoors located entirely on a manicured grassy park. Areas for seating and concession areas located on the grass. To reach the music areas, some travel will be over natural grassy terrain. 

    The festival does not provide rental mobility devices. In addition, SFF does not provide golf-cart rides or push services

  • Wheelchairs, power-wheelchairs, and three- or four-wheeled scooters are permitted for use by patrons with mobility limitations.

  • Accessible bathrooms or portable toilets are available, in addition to flush toilets at the existing park bathroom.


Accessible Venue Entries

Service Animals

Accessible parking is available on city streets as marked, in addition to ten accessible parking spots at the entrance to the venue. Additional parking is located at the Sisters School Administration building.

The venue entrance is accessible. Please feel free to approach any volunteer to ask for help with accessible seating and possible early access to the venue.

  • Service animals are permitted in the venue however, this does not include emotional support animals, therapy animals, or companion animals.

  • Pets are not permitted in the venue.

  • Only legitimate service animals that are properly trained and under the proper care and supervision of their owners are permitted. Owners should be able to describe the service that the animal performs and the training that the animal has received (no one will be asked about the nature of their disability or medical condition).

  • The animal must remain by the handler’s side at all times and must be harnessed, leashed or tethered unless these devices interfere with the animal's work or the individual’s disability. In that case, the individual must maintain control of the animal through voice, signal or other effective controls.

  • Anyone bringing an animal is responsible for and liable for any damage or injury caused by the animal.

  • Owners or someone accompanying the service animal are responsible for bagging and removing solid waste.

If you have questions in advance about the festival, please call our office at (541) 588-7066 or email

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